Digital Advertising

ROI acceleration

Digital Advertising

ROI acceleration

Being present on the Internet has become a business necessity. Digital advertising is part of digital marketing strategies, with this area encompassing much of the effort. Digital advertising is a tool for the promotion and dissemination of goods and services through the Internet.

How many types of digital advertising are there? What type of ad is right for my company? How can I advertise on social networks? At OK Marketing we answer all these questions and much more.

Digital Advertising Services at your fingertips


Pay per click (ppc) campaigns refer to those targeted at Google’s network Google Display as well as social media campaigns (Facebook,Facebook Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter,etc.). For such advertising campaigns we use “banners” / images, gifs or more videos and text. Its effectiveness depends a lot on segmentation due to the user’s context.

Both message and design influence campaign performance. If you do not have graphical resources, we can take care of this service too since we are experts in graphic design. At OK Marketing we offer a complete service.


This service refers to digital advertising through keywords in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex (for Russia), Baidu (for China), etc. It’s one of the most powerful advertising options out there.

Show the user the right ad, with the right message and at the right time. This is the magic of SEM. At OK Marketing we have many years of experience.


Google Shopping campaigns are geared towards direct (online) product sales. Unlike the SEM, much more information is displayed to the user.

The best thing is that you can highlight the best aspects of your product to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Your potential customer has a lot of information before getting to your ecommerce and become a real customer.

Running a Google Shopping campaign requires 3 things.

  1. A Merchant Center account with Data Feed linked to your website.
  2. Register and upload the data feed to Merchant Center.
  3. Create and manage Shopping campaigns in Google Ads.

App Downloads

Mobile apps are at an all-time global level. The market has been flooded with applications of all kinds: games, sale, services, training, dating, etc. Everyone wants to get app downloads for their business.

This abundance of apps on the market brings a very big challenge to get your app to your audience. Luckily, digital advertising platforms have realized and made available the tools we need to get those long-awaited app downloads.

Video Campaigns

Audiovisual communication (video) has had a very large explosion in recent years coinciding with the already unquestionable domain of mobile devices over desktop computers. Video campaigns are a very effective way to get your message across to a select audience.

Users consume a lot of content in video format, in fact, this type of content has been increasing on different digital platforms. Youtube continues to lead the market followed by Facebook which has clearly opted for short videos. Other social networks have also taken important steps, both Instagram and Twitter now allow you to create and manage campaigns specifically targeted at video views.


Remarketing campañas de remarketing retargeting campaigns also known as retargeting are a very interesting type of campaign to better serve users who already know you so you both get the most out of it.

Remarketing campaigns consist mainly of designing an advertising strategy aimed at showing ads designed specifically for users who already know about your existence and thus encouraging them to carry out a value action for your business: a purchase, a record, a call, etc..

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