Digital Marketing

Actions and strategies on the Internet

Digital Marketing

Actions and strategies on the Internet

Digital Marketing is a discipline composed of a set of strategies and actions that are developed to promote and sell a product or service.

At OK Marketing we apply these marketing strategies for the study and analysis of both the market and consumers. We evaluate the most recommended actions to capture the consumer’s attention and offer the optimal solution to their needs. In this way, we achieve the business objectives of our clients.

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We all want to differentiate ourselves from the competition, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to differentiate ourselves at the business level. One of the keys is branding, using your brand to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Good brand positioning makes that differentiation possible. But before you establish a strategy in that regard, you must understand your company internally, know its strengths and weaknesses. THE SWOT should be the basis for building and positioning your brand and achieving that differentiation.

Social Media

We’ll optimize your company’s social media profiles, manage the content they need to reach your target audience, and analyze the results by bringing new ideas and new approaches.

Email Marketing

Mailing is a channel that allows us to segment and customize the criteria and goals that interest the most in each case.

We manage relevant email marketing campaigns to your customers, we will make reports to detect options to constantly improve to grow your business.


Web audit to improve your organic positioning in the main Internet search engines to make your business more visible. Elaboration of relevant keywords that position correctly and add value to your business or product.

Keyword management in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex (for Russia), Baidu (for China).

Web development

There are many “Touchpoints” or internet contact point but your website is and should be the most important. It must be the operations center and of course, you have to work on all aspects to please both users and search engines.

This requires good development that takes into account the information architecture, usability, mobile first technique and certainly comply with the other SEO standards.

At OK Marketing we have developed different web projects, from corporate pages to eCommerces. We are very solvent and comply with the terms of delivery.

Graphic and digital design

Design is the visual aesthetic perceived by users of a company, service or product.

We can offer any design service with a wide range of styles and we’re able to overcome big challenges quickly and effectively.

Your brand should be a differential factor