Sally Balde

Marketing and Digital Advertising Specialist

Let me tell this by myself. I am a Spanish citizen of Senegalese origin. I was born and raised in a very small village in the province of Vélingara (Kolda region). At the age of 18 I moved from Senegal to Spain, to Catalonia (Girona) specifically, to meet with part of my family who had lived here for years. The arrival in this new country was a challenge for me since he spoke neither Spanish nor Catalan.

At the EOI (Official School of Languages) of Girona I studied two languages (Spanish and English). At the same time, I also attended Catalan classes at the “Centre de Formació d’Adults” in Girona.

Eventually I arrived at “INS Santa Eugenia” to do the higher degree in Commercial Management and Marketing. I experienced a 2 very demanding years, because while doing this higher degree training, I > also worked in an slaughterhouse (in petit committee we called it—black-killer).

Internships are an important part of the training cycle, from the Santa Eugenia Institute, I got an interview with Playbrand to perform my internship there. The interview went pretty well because I started my internship a week later (it’s January 2011). At first I used to negotiate promotional agreements for certain groups of one of the most important financial institutions in Spain. Soon after, one of the company’s co-owners began entrusting me with certain tasks related to digital advertising (reviewing keywords, updating cpc bids, etc.).

It was a love at first sight, I liked online advertising after minute one. So I spent more and more time (outside of business hours) reading articles and success stories. Finally, the company decided to bet heavily on digital advertising, they hired someone to do the commercial tasks that corresponded to me so that I would focus fully on the management and optimization of advertising campaigns.

So I also decided to go all the way on self-training outside of work. I got my first Google certifications as a digital advertising specialist and so far I have not stopped striving to improve.

In January 2018, after 7 years at Playbrand, I decided to create my own agency specialized in digital advertising and I called it OK Marketing.

Will you join us on this adventure?