Jordi Planas

Visual Designer & Brand Marketing

Now that you’ve come this far, the least I can do is introduce myself:

I was born and raised in the city of Girona, where I did high school until I finished bachelor’s degree, specifically the artistic one. At the age of 18 I went to study graphic design in Barcelona, and when I finished I returned to my hometown and started working in a private company within the marketing department as a graphic designer. Without knowing it, I was starting my “career” within the marketing world, but since I didn’t have enough knowledge, I decided to study a marketing graduate.

From that moment on, I consider myself passionate about the world of Branding, Marketing and Design, so after more than 7 years working in private companies, I decided to take a new path and create my own studio.

In my first year as a freelancer, I met Sally while working together on a project, and after that time we started this challenge together, creating our marketing agency and digital advertising, in which to this day we are very happy and motivated to grow together professionally.

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