Social Action

Committed to the great causes

Social Action

Committed to the great causes

We feel privileged to live in a socio-political environment stable enough to live a normal life. We know that in many areas of the world people cannot have a normal life,aspire to social welfare is impossible,they are punishable by wars that they never provoked, for famines that they never deserved or by many other misfortunes.

Instead of being one more spectator of the situation, we want to be an agent of change.. We want to contribute our grain of sand as part of the solution. In this, as in many other things in life, the solution begins with oneself.

Causes in which we are present


Unicef is an NGO whose commitment to children is known around the world. They fight for the rights of children everywhere, carry out specific actions so that children can receive an education, take measures and initiatives to implement programs that alleviate the plots experienced by these children. Your fight is our fight.

That is why, from OK Marketing,we have decided to collaborate with Unicef making a monthly financial contribution to support its causes, which are actually everyone’s.

Baluwo Helping Africa

“Baluwo Helping Africa” is an initiative to support African social institutions, such as schools and orphanages, through local commerce, promoted by the company Baluwo. This is a very new support system for those most in need. Instead of sending money, the donor simply has to select the cause they want to support and buy online the essential products or services they want to donate. Within 24-48h the donor receives an email with a photo confirming the delivery.

OK Marketing has a very special link with Africa and we wanted to strengthen it by actively involved in Baluwo Helping Africa. We are committed to making purchases of products or services on a monthly basis to support the various social causes.


Another of the entities with which we collaborate is ACNUR,an organization whose main purpose is to safeguard the rights and well-being of people who have been forced to flee. They work to ensure that all displaced people have the right to apply for asylum and find a safe haven in another country. They are also looking for solutions for uprooted people.

We are talking about helping refugees, stateless people, internally displaced persons and asylum seekers. At OK Marketing we share these values and we’ve been partners of ACNUR for a longtime.

Committed to society. We like to be part of the solution.